Novel Aortic Arch Stent Graft System Launched

A novel aortic arch stent graft system ‘NEXUS™’ has been launched by Endospan, which allows for a minimally invasive approach to aortic arch repair, including aneurysms and dissections.
It’s a modular stent graft introduced via a 20 French delivery system with double flushing ports, which allows efficient de-airing.

The main module is positioned over an axillofemoral guidewire to increase from the brachiocephalic trunk to the descending aorta and is united with a pre-curved ascending module that conforms to the ascending aorta.

The Nexus system is the first European CE mark–approved branched stent graft for the aorta. Design features that assist in minimising manipulations may explain the high technical success, low rate of neurologic complications, and sturdiness, allowing safe endovascular repair.

NEXUS™ transforms a complex surgical aortic arch repair into a standard endovascular procedure. Due to its proprietary geometrical design, it’s designed for enhanced intra-procedural and long-term stability, which reduces arch manipulation and, hence, stroke risks. Besides it also reduces complications and post-op recovery time.

Above all, NEXUS™ is designed to be beneficial to the vast number of patients for whom there is currently no minimally invasive Aortic Arch Disease treatment alternative.

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