Novel Device Launched for Monitoring Kidney Damage

A novel and robust device under the name ‘Sentinel’ has been launched by Serenno Medical for the automatic monitoring and detection of kidney damage in hospitalised patients.

In the early detection of cases of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), the device works by continuously measuring urine output and volume. AKI is a frequent condition in hospitalised patients that may result in mortality during and after hospitalisation.

The accurate measurement of Urine Output (UO) is the best method for monitoring kidney function. This process is monitored manually and intermittently by ICU nurses. However, this method poses difficulties in detecting acute changes in urine flow with UO.

Hence, a simple and cost-effective solution has been developed for the precise, continuous measurement of urine flow in real-time.

The ability of the Sentinel system to detect kidney injury will help prevent further damage to the patients. It helps to automatically and precisely detect minor changes in kidney function, helping to reduce the burden on the nursing staff and deliver suitable data.

The new device works in line with the existing hospital equipment and involves a simple non-invasive installation.

Sentinel is designed for efficient working in any patient condition or hospital environment, which is appropriate for the complicated Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and operating room environments.

Recently, a first multicenter clinical trial has been completed by Serenno Medical with the Sentinel system. The system's high reliability and accuracy in a wide range of environments and patient conditions, including continuous monitoring of patients in a mobile hospital bed, low and high urine flow rates, during surgical procedures, and regardless of patient position was demonstrated in the study.