NuVasive Launches LessRay Software Technology System

NuVasive, Inc. NUVA has announced the commercial launch of its LessRay® software technology system.

Per NuVasive, this LessRay system is based on a propriety software algorithm and hardware components. The system is designed to address overexposure to radiation in hospital Operating Rooms (O.R), particularly in the case of minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS).

LessRay's proprietary image enhancement technology improves low-dose, low-radiation fluoroscopy (or x-ray) images to have similar diagnostic capabilities as conventional full-dose fluoroscopy images, thereby reducing radiation emission and exposure in the O.R while maintaining the high resolution of a full radiation dose shot.

LessRay has other features to reduce the number of fluoroscopic shots needed to decrease the overall radiation even further.

This system enhances imaging capability to enhance spine surgery productivity and eventually, predictability apart from curbing radiation exposure.

LessRay supports the increased adoption of MIS spine surgery and enables the well-documented patient benefits including less blood loss, lower risk of infection, faster recovery time and more.

LessRay Software Technology System benefits for spine surgeons include:

C-arm tracking: Simplifies localisation and target anatomy quickly, accurately and without the unnecessary fluoroscopy time and scouting images.

Image stitching: Reduces surgical workflow interruption by quickly stitching together fluoroscopic images of any spine segment.

Angle finder: Minimises OR. steps required to obtain crisp endplate shots with fewer fluoroscopic images than traditional C-arm scouting.

Alternate view: Enhances visualisation by making metal instruments invisible or semi-transparent by fading out their obstruction.

LessRay software technology system helps to reduce radiation usage and it is as compelling as it benefits not only the surgeon but also the patient and everyone in the operating room.

Additional features that augment the capability of conventional fluoroscopy provide really useful tools for even the simplest surgeries.

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