OmegaFlex® Introduces World’s First Corrugated Medical Tubing

OmegaFlex® announced MediTrac®, the world's first Corrugated Medical Tubing (CMT) for distribution of medical gases.

MediTrac® is made with copper alloy and includes a fire-retardant jacket and axial swaged brass fittings. Sized from one-half to two inches in diameter, it connects with all K, L and DMV medical tubing.

MediTrac semi-rigid tubing installs in a single, bendable length that can be routed around existing structures, unlike rigid copper tubing which is installed in numerous brazed sections and elbow joints to accommodate a facility layout.

This CMT is widely used in healthcare industry i.e. in hospitals, dental, ambulatory care centers, physician and veterinary clinics, laboratories, and any facility that uses medical gas.

MediTrac completely revolutionises gas installation in healthcare settings. Usage of countless brazed sections makes the system vulnerable to leaks and contamination.

MediTrac makes it easy to bend as needed to fit a space. It is non-reactive, non-flammable, and can distribute medical air, oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and medical vacuum.

It offers safety, efficiency and mitigates seismic and building shifts which can damage copper piping.

Underwriters Lab (UL)-tested, MediTrac meets all 2018 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 99 requirements and has an ASTM E84 rating less than 25/50.

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