Outset Medical Discovers Novel Home Dialysis System

Outset Medical has discovered a completely unique ‘Tablo Hemodialysis System’ for patient use within the home.

Tablo’s existing indication included use in acute and chronic care facilities, but, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, can now offer hemodialysis treatment from the house as hospital treatment is more of a challenge under present circumstances.

The system is meant to use wireless data, sensor-based automation, and an animated touchscreen to form dialysis care accessible in-home. It requires only an electrical outlet and tap water for its operation.

Tablo was designed to simplify dialysis, making it easier and more accessible for patients to take advantage of the safety, convenience, and adaptableness of dialyzing at home. It reduces dialysis costs and complexity.

The all-in-one dialyzer which is designed to be used in a variety of settingshandles both water purification and dialysate production.

The device features a touchscreen tablet thatguides the user through setup and treatment, and it also can upload data to the cloud for clinician access. Automated self-cleaning, an integrated blood pressure cuff, and treatment duration flexibility starting from half-an-hour to 12 hours.


•    Automated self-clean
•    Automatic, usual updates that help Tablo get smarter over time
•    An integrated blood pressure cuff
•    Automated saline bolus and tracking
•    One-touch rinseback
•    Compatible with high-flux dialyzers