QardioCore - A Revolutionary Wearable ECG Monitor

US-based digital health company, Qardio has launched a revolutionary wearable ECG monitor, QardioCore. It records continuous ECG, heart rate variability, heart rate, repository rate, temperature and sends activities to your phone.

QardioCore is packed with proprietary sensor technology, which helps in recording more than 20 million data points, streaming the user’s live medical-grade data to their smart phones.

ECG monitors recognizes the small electrical charges on the skin that arises from the heart muscle’s electrophysiological activity. Generally, ECG monitors are big in size and they require doctor’s assistance to fix.

QardioCore is different from usual ECG monitors. It is wearable and designed for continuous monitoring anytime and anywhere, without compromising comfort and standard of living. It is to be IP65 certified, making it splash and rain-resistant.

Using this device, data can be easily and automatically shared with medical professionals. For example, an athlete can also make use of QardioCore to help them know their peak performance and optimize their training.

QardioCore can be paired with the free Qardio App for iOS and works with iPhone, iPad, iPod as well as Apple Health. It also works alongside other Qardio’s products, including Qardio Arm, a smart blood pressure monitor, QardioBase, wireless scale and body analyzer and QardioMD, a dashboard for doctors.