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RefleXion Medical Developed Breakthrough SCINTIX Biology-guided Radiotherapy

RefleXion Medical has developed a breakthrough SCINTIX™ biology-guided radiotherapy. 

SCINTIX therapy is a cutting-edge radiopharmaceutical-directed treatment suitable for both early and late-stage cancers and is designed to harness the individual biology of each tumour for a highly targeted therapeutic strategy.

SCINTIX therapy operates by using emissions from cancer cells, which are generated through the injection of a radiopharmaceutical into the patient. These emissions enable the delivery of a radiation dose that autonomously and continuously hones in on the cancer itself. Additionally, this fundamental capability allows for the simultaneous illumination of all identified cancer targets throughout the patient's body during the treatment process.

A major obstacle in effectively treating metastatic cancer with external-beam radiotherapy has been the challenges related to targeting and managing the motion of multiple tumours within the body. 

SCINTIX therapy has the potential to address these challenges head-on, marking a pivotal moment for both physicians and patients. 

The first SCINTIX treatment marks a significant turning point for both medical professionals and patients, as it introduces a technology capable of directly confronting the complexities of treating metastatic disease.

The X1 with SCINTIX is the world's only dual-treatment modality radiotherapy platform. It possesses the capability to treat patients with solid tumours at any stage, making it a groundbreaking advancement in the field of cancer care.