Roche’s New Algorithmic Score to Diagnose Early Stage Liver Cancer

A new algorithmic, ‘Elecsys® GALAD’score has been diagnosed by Roche to support early diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC).

The algorithmic Elecsys® GALAD score is a serum biomarker-based model that predicts the probability that patients with chronic liver disease have HCC.

This simple invasive approach incorporates sex and age with results of three assays, i.e. Elecsys AFP, AFP-L3 and PIVKA-II to provide greater insights into a person’s HCC risk.

With regulatory approval, the Elecsys® GALAD score is intended for in vitro diagnostics and is an integral part of the Roche Diagnostics Liver Indication Program. This new technique aims to improve diagnostic workflows throughout chronic liver disease management.

Elecsys is combined with ultrasound and is capable of providing more accurate information to clinicians at an earlier stage, to help improve patient outcomes. It’s minimally invasive nature benefits people and is also affordable for healthcare systems.

The recent advancements in new treatments and screening are facilitating the enhanced prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HCC. However, the clinicians are unable to diagnose the disease early enough.