Sensydia Discovered Breakthrough Therapy for Cardiac Performance System (CPS)

Sensydia discovered breakthrough designation for Cardiac Performance System (CPS). Cardiac Performance System (CPSTM) being a non-invasive cardiac monitoring device is safer and fast to detect critical heart performance.

The device without the need of in-hopsital catherisation procedures or the assesment of ultrasound helps the physicians in evaluating advanced and persistant heart failure of patients.

With the use of ultra-sensitive biosensors, CPS obtains heart sound data and machine leaning is applied to obtain multiple hemodynamic measurements delivering all in one comprehensive report via CPS iPad app. In addition, it can measure cardiac output, pulmonary artery pressure, pulmonary capillary, wedge pressure and  ejection fraction simultaneously.

Heart failure is the most common public health epidemic affecting more than 6 million Americans and increasing the overall cost of the treatment to US$30.7 billion annually.

Hemodynamic measurements are used to detect the functioning of the heart and it is also for the diagnosis and mangement of patients who are at high level of clinical risk. In order to obtain these measurements it requires specialised techniques such as echocardipgraphy and in-hospital cardiac catheterisation which causes delays in treatment. Hence, CPS gives accurate, comprehensive and non-invasive assessment within minutes in healthcare settings.

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