Siemens Launches World’s First Smart Phone-based Diagnostic System

Siemens Healthineers launched the world’s first smart phone-based diagnostic system, Aina.

The Aina Blood Monitoring System enables detection and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac care.

It offers a broad range of tests such as HbA1c glucose, hemoglobin and a lipid profile on a single platform covering immunoassay, enzymatic or chemical affinity.

The Aina Blood Monitoring System performs a full panel of metabolic tests offering near real-time, lab-quality results within minutes.

This is supplemented with Habits, a behavior coaching app that enables personalised disease management to result in improved outcomes.

Aina is available in two configurations – a smart phone-based device and tablet-based portable lab system.

It acts as a diagnostic testing device enabling real-time lab-quality results within minutes, after connecting with the smart phone.

With this handheld solution, healthcare professionals can instantly check HbA1C, glucose, lipids, and others, and provide a treatment pathway.

The Aina Blood Monitoring System is safe, reliable and clinically proven diagnostic system that performs a full panel of metabolic tests.

Aina can redefine patient experience by providing access to large populations that previously did not have easy access to care.