Sylys® Surgical Sealant Device Reduces Anastomotic Leaks

Cohera Medical, Inc. researchers designed Sylys Surgical Sealant device to help reduce Anastomotic leakage. Sylys® helps to increase patient outcomes by reducing the feasibility of postsurgical complications from leakage. Hence, it provides surgeons the best possibility for a successful procedure.

The device assists the prerequisites of bariatric, colorectal, and general surgeons who perform gastrointestinal Anastomotic procedures. In order to carry out randomized clinical trial for Sylys® Surgical Sealant device, Cohera Medical, Inc., enrolled its first patient.

Sylys® Surgical Sealant device is a synthetic, resorbable, elastic sealant designed to help reduce Anastomotic leakage during gastrointestinal surgical procedures.  Sylys, which is used in conjunction with typical Anastomotic closure techniques such as staples or sutures, safeguards the suture or staple line.

It also supports the Anastomosis during the first few days of healing, when there is possibility of leaks. The randomized clinical study helps to compare patients undergoing colorectal and ileorectal anastomosis after resection with and without the sealant.

Sylys® Surgical Sealant device would represent a breakthrough in healthcare market and also advances patient outcomes. It would lead to reduced patient management costs for healthcare providers.

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