World's First Fully Disposable Robotic System Unveiled

Microbot Medical has unveiled LIBERTYTM, the world's first fully disposable endovascular surgical robot.

The device is intended for use in a variety of neurovascular, cardiovascular and peripheral vascular procedures.

As the device can be operated remotely, the clinicians can be kept at a safe distance and can avoid the dangerous radiation emitted by fluoroscopes.

The robot also reduces the physical strain on human surgeons performing endovascular procedures that would otherwise have to stand over the surgical table and manually steer the catheters.

The robotic system also has a unique ‘One & Done’ capability with which one product is used per procedure and there aren't multiple disposable items to manage.

By eliminating the need for capital equipment, reducing radiation exposure and aiming to streamline the use of disposables during these complex procedures, LIBERTY is set to revolutionise the way surgical robotics are being used in endovascular procedures.