XaTek Launched Breakthrough and PortableBlood Clotting Sensor

‘ClotChip’, a hand-held device and a life-changing portable blood-clotting sensor has been launched by XaTek.

The device can assessa patient's bleeding risk profile from a single drop of blood. Compared to the many hours that traditional lab work currently takes, ClotChip produces results in 15 minutes.

This decrease in wait time could be vital for trauma patients, haemophiliacs, and millions of people taking new-generation anticoagulants.

An external electric field is applied by ClotChip to a drop of blood, and then measures how the droplet affects the field. The response given is indicative of the blood's ability to clot and the results can be sent to devices connected by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Once available commercially, this device will facilitate the use of ‘direct oral anti-coagulants’, for which there's no point-of-care test available today.

This novel launch marks a significant and distinguishing step in advancing the company's life-changing portable blood-clotting sensor toward commercialisation.

The company expects that the device will be of benefit to haemophilia patients and others with bleeding disorders, as well as trauma patients and people using new-generation blood thinners.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its breakthrough device designation for the device.