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Xenter Discovered Breakthrough Dual Sensor Wireless GuideWire for Minimally Invasive TAVR Procedures

Xenter has discovered breakthrough dual-sensor wireless guidewire for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures representing a significant advancement in the field of minimally invasive cardiac interventions.

The wireless guidewire, named TAVR SmartWire, is designed to collect a wide range of real-time data points crucial for assessing aortic regurgitation (AR) during TAVR procedures. The TAVR SmartWire is to enhance the prediction of para valvular leak (PVL) during TAVR, providing clinicians with valuable information to make more informed decisions. 

The device's ability to measure aortic and left ventricular pressure information in real time is a key feature that contributes to the development of an aortic regurgitation measurement (xAR™) and serves as a clinical decision support tool.

The comprehensive data collection and analysis facilitated by the guidewire are intended to support the development of novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision-making tools, further improving the accuracy and efficiency of clinical decisions in the Cardiac Catheterisation Lab.

The proprietary wireless ecosystem in which the guidewire operates ensures seamless integration and accessibility of real-time data and analysis. This innovation is expected to have a positive impact on patient outcomes by enabling healthcare professionals to make better-informed decisions during TAVR procedures.