Zeto Introduces Groundbreaking Next-generation EEG Brain Monitoring Product, ONE

Zeto has introduced its innovative next-generation EEG brain monitoring product, ONE.

ONE features a user-friendly headset with 21 soft-tip electrodes arranged according to the widely used 10-20 EEG system, and intuitive LED feedback for easy adjustments. It requires minimal training for healthcare professionals to operate effectively. 

The portable recording device captures patient video and audio, offering display and recording controls, as well as live AI-enabled notifications for seizure activity, which is crucial in critical or emergency scenarios.

Data from ONE is seamlessly streamed to the Zeto Cloud, allowing live remote interpretations by board-certified neurologists. Besides its role as a point-of-care system, ONE serves as a comprehensive EEG platform that supports workflow management, patient scheduling, and report generation.

This breakthrough system transforms emergency EEG acquisition, addressing a crucial need in hospitals without adequate EEG resources. Up to 40 percent of brain-injured patients in emergency departments and intensive care units may suffer from seizures, which are often subclinical and necessitate EEG for accurate diagnosis.

ONE provides streamlined point-of-care application of full 10-20 electrodes, video and audio recording, AI triage tools, and efficient connectivity to the interpreting neurologist. This enhanced workflow ensures high technical quality and accurate interpretations for critically ill patients.

Zeto ONE will be particularly beneficial for paediatric patients by increasing access to necessary diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, especially in emergency departments and intensive care units where rapid application and comprehensive EEG can be crucial for delivering timely and effective care.