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Social Innovation In Healthcare

The Healthcare sector continues to face social problems caused by rising costs of health care and ageing population. Poor and inconsistent quality of care, as well as inaccessibility to timely care, is at the forefront of global issues facing the Healthcare industry today.

In Healthcare, the question is how we can provide high quality care to every patient globally, in a sustainably affordable way. And furthermore, how can we deploy innovation to solve the growing challenges driven by ever rising costs of care and ageing population?

Social Innovation is defined as “the deployment of technology and new business models to bring about real positive change to the lives of individuals and societies, creating shared value.” The whitepapers highlight the specific mega trends that are impacting the global energy and transport & mobility sector, the challenges and opportunities for Social Innovation, as well as quantifying the relevant opportunities and their impact.


By star ting from the most critical global mega trends (Connectivity & Convergence; New Business Models; Innovating to Zero and Social Trends), we identified the key element of convergence as absolutely critical to the delivery of Social Innovation within Healthcare. The convergence across Healthcare, as well as across sectors such as transport & mobility, has the potential to create exciting opportunities for Social Innovation in the future. For example, future vehicles will begin to incorporate novel health, wellness and wellbeing (HWW) features.

Looking closely at the sectors that Frost & Sullivan define as having the greatest need for Social Innovation (Energy, Water, Transportation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction and Natural Resources), we also identified that Social Innovation will represent a market opportunity of $2 trillion by 2020.

In this Whitepaper, the specific mega trends impacting the future of Healthcare will be highlighted along with elucidating what Social Innovation can deliver to the Healthcare market. This paper takes a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities for Social Innovation in Healthcare, as well as quantifies the relevant opportunities and their impact through an extensive research in this industry.

This white paper also introduces Hitachi and its Social Innovation Business and show how the company has become a visionary global player with a thought leading position in the sphere of Social Innovation, as well as sharing some examples of ground-breaking projects being delivered around the world in the crucial areas of chronic disease management and big data, where storage systems and information management solutions are supporting Healthcare institutions. Hitachi’s solutions focus on meeting the needs of physicians and patients, improving patient outcomes, reducing the number of patient re-admissions, as well as improving efficiency in health care delivery and cost reduction.


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