The Impact Of The Millennial Healthcare Professionals On Our World: A Havas Lynx White Paper

We believe that healthcare and Pharma companies have a choice to make: they can either be commodity-based manufacturers of pills, or they can be partners to patients and physicians in the design of better treatment journeys. And, in the age of the socially conscious, there is only one choice for sustainable success.

Healthcare is in an age of transformation, with new science, new technology, new funding models and newly empowered patients. But at the heart of this transformation will be the millennial healthcare professionals (mHCPs). They exhibit different behaviours, different triggers and different ambitions, which must be understood by Pharma if the true benefits of their progress are to be realised.

In this paper we will discuss the changes in society that are transforming physicians, and how we as an industry can best evolve to support stakeholders, improve outcomes and build brands.


This paper draws on in-depth interviews conducted by Havas Lynx with leading mHCPs, as well as with medical students, academics, technologists, prosumer patients and entrepreneurs from around the world, including the EU, North America and Asia.

It elaborates on the emphasis the new generation of Millennials is exerting on change in the healthcare sector. This new generation is challenging the status quo the world over. In Norway they are called ‘Generation Serious’, in China they are referred to as ‘ken lao zu’, or “those who bite the old folks”, and in Japan they are called ‘nagara-zoku’, “the people who are always doing two things at once”, a term that could be seen as crediting their ability to multi-task or, more likely, criticising their lack of focus.

As digital natives, they have spent their adult lives in an ultra-connected world; for them, the web, social media and mobility are just part of the scenery. They were Googling at 10, using Facebook at 12, and have had a smart phone since they were 15; they’ve not lived through a digital revolution, for them it has simply been a digital evolution.

However, for the purpose of this white paper, we believe that millennials cannot be classified simply on production of a birth certificate. The millennial generation are defined by their attitudes, their behaviours and their ambitions, not their date of birth.

As Darwin would suggest, they have evolved to meet the new environment. The question now remains, can Healthcare & Pharma follow suit?

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