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Emerging Healthcare Delivery Models in India

What are the trends driving the shift in healthcare delivery models in India Various attributes associated with shining India work for healthcare as well Rapidly increasing disposable income growing urbanisation and higher levels of literacy are known to have significant impact in contributing to high

The Role of Quality and Quality Management Systems in Telemedicine

The proof of quality very often is a precondition requested by principals prior to concluding a contract or to place an order Quality of services and or products gains in importance not only in the medical sector this applies to products services produced or provided by companies or service providers as well Quality is defined as the conformance wi...

Reforming Claims Processing with Real Time Adjudication

Unlike sectors such as banking and retail where business transactions with consumers take place over few minutes US healthcare still lags behind on efficient transactions processing front After patient visits provider and receives the services it takes days to settle the claim for various reasons This scenario however could be reformed with impleme...

Medical Sciences


Using the Example of Practical Models of Healthcare with Cardiovascular Disease

Health is one of the most important human commodities However in times of economic shortage it is not only crucial that a healthcare system is fair and effective but also that it is efficient Protagonists and institutions within the German healthcare system are increasingly having to base their actions on the imperative of efficiency But this neces...



Towards personalised cancer treatment

In Roentgen discovered Xrays It gave birth to medical imaging which has revolutionised the care of cancer patients In it is impossible to imagine delivery of cancer care without medical imaging A direct and advanced application of the Nobel Prize laureates discovery is Positron EmissionComputed Tomography PETCT Hailed as invention of

Technology, Equipment Devices


Poised for growth in India

Deploying mHealth that is relatively absent worldwide is today obvious in India for million living in suburban and rural India who have direct access to only of Indias depleted healthcare personnel mHealth is more relevant in the Global South than conventional eHealth There are at least active mHealth pilot pr


New opportunities for healthcare improvement

Information Technology

An Integral Solution for Hospital Information System

The aim of this paper is to present results obtained in the context of the Medical data acquisition processing and collection for e health solutions joint research project for investigation design organisation and future expansion of a hospital information system The research started with deep investigation of current status of hospital information...

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