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The mHealth Revolution

Mobile technology has created a whole new paradigm for healthcare delivery and practice Mobile Healthcare also known as mHealth enables providers practitioners patients payers and pharma to connect in a never before way The ubiquity of the mobile p..

Healthcare Management

Reforming Claims Processing with Real Time Adjudication

Real Time Claims Processing significantly reforms how healthcare claims are submitted adjudicated remitted and paid and helps make the process far more efficient Adopting realtime adjudication may result in administrative simplification mandates driv..

The Role of Quality and Quality Management Systems in Telemedicine

To secure and demonstrate quality of their processes a growing number of providers of medical care establish quality management systems QMS following international quality standards like eg EN ISO 90012008 Telemedical services following these quality..

Emerging Healthcare Delivery Models in India

The current restricted healthcare delivery models need to focus on preventive aspects in healthcare and create functional progressivereferral systems managing bulk of healthcare at the front or the primary healthcare level for better healthcare deliv..

Medical Sciences


Using the Example of Practical Models of Healthcare with Cardiovascular Disease

Technical progress statistical evidence of significant increases in therapeutic success as well as the participation of an increasing number of ambulatory physicians has made telemedicine successful..



Towards personalised cancer treatment

In 2011 it is impossible to consider the modern management of cancer without including PETCT The article reviews the upto date role of PETCT in oncology practice and considers current areas of PETCT research that will directly impact on care of cance..

Technology, Equipment Devices


New opportunities for healthcare improvement

Adoption of mDevices cell phones smartphones tablets and more and their numerous healthcare applications more than 5000 and growing is expanding as the opportunities they present for improved quality of care enhanced efficiency and lower costs are in..


Poised for growth in India

Bridging the health divide mHealth can go a long way in providing equitable sustainable healthcare for the have nots..

Information Technology

An Integral Solution for Hospital Information System

The joint research with Medical University Sofia in the area of eHealth and Telehealth is oriented to complex investigation of new concepts and methods for continuous acquisition of patients vital data transmission collection and binding of that data..


Carpeting in Hospitals

Design from the floor upwards

Good design is more than providing a softer floor for healthcare workers or using different carpet colours to help patients find their way around what can be a bewildering place..

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