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Issue 25 | 2012

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Issue 25


Healthcare Management

The Spine of Healthcare Delivery

As the spine of the healthcare delivery the EMR comes into a maturity stage it is time to unlock its full potential by increasing the adaptation rate for caregivers via the implementation of communication technologies The same communication technologies can be used to further increase the potential of the EMR by enabling the collaboration between...

Are they preventable?

Medical error is a preventable adverse effect of care whether or not it is evident or harmful to the patient This might include an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis or treatment of a disease injury infection or other ailment Medical errors happen when something that was planned as a part of medical care doesnt work out or when the wrong plan was u...

A guide for healthcare systems, providers and payers

Whether they are an advanced emerging or developing economy countries throughout the world struggle with the economic effects of chronic conditions and comorbidity also known as Multiple Chronic Conditions MCC This review outlines the key USA strategic innovations in care transitions some accelerated by the Affordable Care Act and others by entrep...

Medical Sciences

Past, Present and Future

Breast carcinoma is among the most frequent malignant diseases in the world and is the leading cause of death among younger women in developed countries Currently in woman in these countries will have the disease in their lifetime Boyle and Ferlay Since the incidence of breast carcinoma has gradually increased at a rate of approximately per cen...

Surgical Speciality

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Mobility is having an impact on consumer and business markets at a much faster pace than the introduction of the World Wide Web There is a surge in the proliferation of mobile devices and platforms and it is changing how people share and access information in todays alwayson connected world In lockstep mobility is intersecting with cloud computing...

Facilities & Operations

Integrating technology with a healing environment greatly improves the patient experience

In response to the anxiety many patients experience in a closed MRIin some cases requiring sedation before a procedurethe healthcare field developed open MRI technology and redesigned MRI suites to reduce patients stress Yet few healthcare or

Information Technology

It is no secret that business as usual in healthcare delivery is an unacceptable option Beyond the desire to improve equity and quality of care inexorable rise in demand with an ageing population and increasing rates of chronic illness are set to outstrip societys ability to supply current levels of service no matter how we might mix public and

A giant leap for healthcare

The first reference to telemedicine is probably the famous Radio Doctor cover image of the Radio News Magazine One of the first telemedicine applications reported in the scientific literature was probably the project for transmission of

What is Cloud computing and how does it benefit healthcare providers and consumers Three fundamental things have spawned the surge of interest in cloud computing The ubiquity of fast networks for commercial use A web enabled ecosystem standard protocols for sharing information These include TCPIP HTML HTTP and Web services