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Breast Cancer - The changing face


Healthcare Management

Strategic Innovations in Care Transitions for High-Cost Populations

A guide for healthcare systems, providers and payers

This care transitions guide for healthcare systems providers and payers elucidates strategies for addressing the high cost of multiple chronic conditions Care transitions are organised into five dimensions and innovations are presented that maximise ..

Medical Errors and Litigations

Are they preventable?

The number of medical litigations is increasing worldwide That does not necessarily reflect the quality of healthcare givers as much as it reflects the public expectations and awareness Implementing healthcare quality standards is a key factor in mai..

The Spine of Healthcare Delivery

The Spine of Healthcare Delivery

While the SPINE of the healthcare deliveryEMREHRcomes into a maturity stage it is time to unlock its full potential by increasing the adaptation rate for caregivers via the implementation of communication technologies Communication technologies linke..

Medical Sciences

Breast Cancer

Past, Present and Future

While a cure has not yet been found public perception surrounding breast cancer has changed dramatically Once a disease that women felt ashamed to discuss breast cancer now has lost much of its stigma providing the opportunity for politicians and hea..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Risks Associated with Medical Devices and Mobile Medical Devices

This article will look at how proliferation in mobility is affecting healthcare and the key considerations for organisations to consider to start securely scaling their mobile strategy Mobile devices employer or employeeowned inside health organisati..

Facilities Operations

Considering the Human Factor

Integrating technology with a healing environment greatly improves the patient experience

The article talks about the ever evolving and expanding need for technology and clinical equipment within the healthcare experience for patients and families The resulting visual chaos is a significant challenge to the appearance of a nurturing order..

Information Technology

Healthcare, the Cloud and Information Security

In this interview we explore why cloud computing has taken root and list some advantages for health providers willing to pursue this as major IT transformation We also discuss cloud variants or types point out cultural barriers for adoption and conce..

Telemedicine - One Small Step for IT

A giant leap for healthcare

Telemedicine despite being in practice for a very long time in forms such as health consultation over telephone has recently seen lot of action and development The development in various fields including telecommunications Information Technology have..

Enabling Transformation of Healthcare Delivery with IT

The National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland has been working closely with the New Zealand IT Health Board to support implementation of New Zealands national health IT plan We report on the transformational potential of ..