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Issue 46 | 2019

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Issue 46



Enabling a safe and secure integrated healthcare ecosystem

A latest report from IBM indicates an average size of data breach is above records and an average cost of breach is US million

Healthcare Management

Keeping patient data safe and secure

For the reader who is not accustomed to blockchain technology here is one of the most complete definitions provided by Deloitte

Smart is an oftenused word today with varied and interlinked meanings

An overview

The term hack generally signifies writing a computer programme for enjoyment while thon is taken from the word Marathon denoting a specific clearly defined difficult timerestricted objective involving concentrated effort

Medical Sciences

In the era of new oral (non-vitamin K antagonists) anticoagulants

NonValvular Atrial fibrillation NVAF is known to be the most common sustained cardiac arrhythmia worldwide and is recognised to increase the risk of major ischemic stroke by fivefold Oral anticoagulants are used to reduce this risk

Obesity is a complex disorder and a major health risk factor linked to cardiovascular disease stroke cancer hypertension diabetes and mortality


Empowering patients for better outcomes, diagnosis, and treatment

The most important aspect of Invitro Diagnostics IVDs is the role they play in delivering patient care and improving outcomes Innovations in IVDs are resulting in faster accurate testing and are allowing clinicians to target treatment more precisely and effectively improving patient pathways and enabling earlier intervention

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Thailand is well poised for building and sustaining a startup culture encouraged by the governments Thailand vision which has seen entire sectors of the economy being rebuilt with new technology and overseas investment

Facilities & Operations

Towards sustainability

The deteriorating health of our planet is an issue of international concern and has a direct impact on human health Healthcare industry uses modern medications equipment and sophisticated technologies for the treatment but through resourceintensive processes

Information Technology

Recently after a year old girl committed suicide in Malaysia following a survey on her Instagram account the countrys minister for youth said I am genuinely worried about the state of our youths mental health


Healthcare stakeholders are under constant pressure to deliver high quality care at the lowest cost

Privacy & Control

Advances in mHealth technologies internet usage and the uptake in the use of mobile devices across the globe have resulted in large quantities of medical data being collected which includes personal information as well as sensitive health data


Your strategic platform for medical technology solutions

The Asian medical market is booming According to management consulting firm McKinsey Company the company predicts that Asia will become the second highest medical technology market in the world by accounting for a third of global sales by

Oliver Healthcare

Oliver Healthcare is the only company in the world to offer two different coating technologies this has put us in a strong position to help customers select application specific materials that allows them to get their devices to market and ensure sterility during transportation and distribution

Shaping the future of Healthcare

Stroke is a serious problem worldwide and especially in Asia where the mortality rate is higher than in Europe or North America