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Issue 52 | 2021

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Issue 52



Time to stay strong

It has been more than a year since the COVID pandemic hit the global population but the situation still hasnt come under control Countries such as the US India Brazil Italy and others are witnessing the new wave hitting hard with exponential rise in COVID patients

Healthcare Management

India has one of the largest primary healthcare setups in the world from an infrastructure perspective With our threetiered primary health system each subcentre covers a population of threetofive thousand people each Primary Health Centre PHC covers a population of twentytothirty thousand and a Community Centre around eighty thousand to a lac

With the ongoing pandemic it is increasing common for people to experience heightened stressrelated ailments because of various economic and social disruptions The Asia Pacific population faces similar challenges like the rest of the world Workplace stress is on the rise

While talking about precision approaches in healthcare the words precision medicines pop up first in our mind Based on patients unique genetic makeup precision medicines are widely used to cure a number of deadly diseases which were literally impossible to treat in the past several decades

Medical Sciences

The coronavirus disease COVID pandemic has an enormous impact on social economic and healthcare networks Every sector of the healthcare system has been hit by the pandemic and must now face significant worldwide rearrangements on access to cure and clinical priorities including among the others reorganisations of cardiovascular health systems

A recent CERENOVUS study led by Leonard Yeo revealed that achieving firstpass success in mechanical thrombectomy improves functional outcomes for patients and lowers the cost of treating acute ischemic stroke in Asia Pacific Against a backdrop of increasing burden of stroke such findings provide healthcare professionals with an opportunity to advan...

As we hope for a drop in the COVID contraction rate we are also witnessing a steady growth in the demand for remote patient monitoring devices Especially now at a time when doing anything remotely has become the new normal thanks to the pandemic that has made us almost immobile over the last few months

Insights on access and affordability

COVID has created awareness of ventilators and the importance of respiratory care The people who battled COVID and survived will need to continue to manage their respiratory care regardless of whether they receive a vaccination Recovering lung function and maintaining lung health is a lifelong journey after COVID

An observational series in ambulatory patients with HFrEF

In this retrospective case series transition from angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker to sacubitrilvalsartan was associated with an early and significant decrease in pulmonary artery pressure

Surgical Speciality

Biomarkers were first introduced to clinical practice in the s and have since become a staple of diagnosis and prognosis in many areas of medicine A variety of biomarkers have been implicated in clinical care and research in the cardiovascular realm


Many aspects have certainly changed For one many procedures were postponed by healthcare professionals in line with medical guidelines and society recommendations This can delay critical diagnosis and treatment for severe diseases

Quicker expansion to bring more value and accessibility to patients

The global cancer burden is raising an alarm for healthcare leaders worldwide Cancer claimed million lives in The International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC estimates that in people develop cancer in their lifetime and these new estimates suggest that more than million people are living within five years of a past cancer diagnosis With m...

Information Technology

There is an erroneous perception that widespread adoption upscaling and deployment of telehealth is solely related to availability of costeffective affordable accessible and user friendly technology There is no doubt that technology acceptance and behavioural modification which we are witnessing particularly after the onset of Covid has a major rol...


What’s behind the success of Guerbet?

Guerbet is known as a leader in medical imaging worldwide offering a broad range of pharmaceutical products medical devices digital and AI solutions for diagnostic and interventional imaging that improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients