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Patient-Centred Healthcare

Moving beyond ailment

Healthcare providersin Asia and the rest of the worldare yet to come to terms with the paradigm shift that is taking place in the provision of healthcare A relook at planning delivery and evaluation of care is the order of the day The healthcare processes need to be aligned to ensure that the patient is treated as a consumer T

HealthCare Management

The Big Shift

When one looks at healthcare organisations that are patientcentred first thing one discovers is that the patientcentred care is highly valued by leadership and it has worked hard to establish those values within the organisation Healthcare processes are mostly diseasecentred How big a shift is it then fo

Meeting Diverse Needs

Healthcare processes are mostly diseasecentred How big a shift is it then for hospitals to create processes that are patientcentred I have been fortunate to serve as the Principal Investigator of a study Hospitals Language and Culture A Snapshot of the Nation that investigated how hospitals across the US are

The New Challenge

Healthcare processes are mostly diseasecentred How big a shift is it then for hospitals to create processes that are patientcentred Most care providers are drawn to healthcare in large part because they want to make a difference in peoples lives but that healthcare processes can make delivery of patientc

Global Health Landscape

Healthcare \

The rise of a global healthcare marketplace is underway Thanks to a new global citizen whose work and life transcends borders the delivery of healthcare worldwide is being transformed Simultaneously other economic and social realities are fuelling what will be a major shift from national to global approaches in healthcare delivery Innovations in me...

Chronic Diseases

Prevention is better than cure

Sustainable development is a longterm wholesystems approach that gives equal weight to five principles living within environmental limits a strong healthy and just society a sustainable economy good governance and using sound science responsibly By promoting sustainable development we help to prevent chronic disease By preventing disease we help to...

Vision Care

The next step in comprehensive disease management

In the US all citizens are faced with healthcare costs that are increasing at alarming rates and they show no sign of slowing Employers dealing with rising costs are promoting preventive care as a way to encourage wellness and provide opportunities for early detection of disease Hence children and adults should get a comprehensive exam at least eve...

Six Sigma in Healthcare

Effective use of the Tool Box

Delivering outstanding patient care in the most safe efficient manner through streamlined processes is the number one priority for Virtua Health This is a common goal for many healthcare organisations but it is approached in a very different way at Virtua Health Rich Miller President and CEO of Virtua Health explains we are dedicated to providing a...

Lean and Six Sigma

Transforming healthcare

How will the application of Lean and Six Sigma help in improving the quality of services I think it will help in a number of ways Our organisation looks at the benefits in terms of what we call the Three Goods that can come out of a project improved clinical safety and outcomes for patient improved effi

Medical Sciences

The Changing Face of Cancer

Implications for Anaesthesia

The global burden of cancer is increasing Currently about million people develop cancer and million people die every year This represents a greater than per cent increase since in both incidence and mortality Worldwide per cent of deaths are due to cancer which is the third leading cause of death following infections and cardiovascular disease...

Multidisciplinary Collaboration in the ICU

Promoting effective care

Collaboration between physicians and nurses is an important component of effective care in the hospital setting When working together toward common goals collaboration has been identified as a way of improving care for the critically ill patients as it enables input from the multidisciplinary team members in promoting decisionmaking based on more u...

Targeting the Stress of Diabetes

Preserving vascular longevity

By the year it is predicted that more than million individuals will be affected by the complications of Diabetes Mellitus DM Type DM also known as insulin dependent DM affects approximately per cent of diabetics while type DM noninsulin dependent DM is found in the remaining majority of diabetic individuals Furthermore the signi

Embolic Protection During Carotid Stenting

Using FiberNet device

After having performed angioplasty in coronary and peripheral vascular disease with excellent results carotid angioplasty was thought to be an opportunity to simplify the treatment of carotid stenosis Until then there was no apparent reason to protect patients against distal embolisation With the development of carotid angioplasty and stenting prev...

Safety in Anaesthesia

Promoting sustainable change for the future

It is widely claimed that anaesthesia today is very safe As a teacher I often ask trainee anaesthetists two questions What is the risk of dying from an anaesthetic today and What risk would be acceptable The answer to the second question is really the starting point for thinking about safety in anaesthesia

Telemonitoring in Cardiac Device Therapy

Enabling optimal management of patients

In stark opposition to the undeniable demographic changes and medical advancements taking place throughout the world healthcare payers are increasingly pressurising the treating physicians to reduce their costs Because of the inherent chronicity of cardiac disease the costs for managing these patients have risen notably in recent years while the te...

Surgical Speciality

Listen to the Patient

Assuring quality care

As noted in a previous dissertation of this publication embracing healthcare quality assurance in Asian healthcare requires the commitment of all parties involved in the patients hospital journey Underwood It is incumbent upon the institutions to provide appropriate frameworks to facilitate data collection and analysis and to support a cultu

Patient Safety in Surgery

Current \'key\' issues

Complications due to individual surgeons errors and system failures are inherent in surgical practice and represent important preventable causes of morbidity and mortality In spite of the increasing public attention to medical errors in general a new level of transparency for consumers and the current trend to process preventable adverse events sys...


Advanced CT Imaging

Effective diagnosis of coronary disease

The main trigger for the onset of Acute Coronary Syndromes ACS following a prolonged period of coronary atherosclerosis is the rupture of an atherosclerotic coronary plaque followed by localised coronary thrombosis and or spasm The major factors that predispose to rupture of a vulnerable plaque are a relatively large lipid core a thin cap and an a...

PACS in Indian Hospitals

Catching up

How has the response to PACS been PACS in India the response has been very good so far In fact there are quite a few hospitals that are fully using the PACS software The hospitals that we have been targeting have shown very keen interest in PACS We feel that market is getting mature and is set to boom

Technology, Equipment Devices

Patient-Centric Modalities

Strategies for better implementation

In recent times there has been a trend towards adoption of patientcentric modalities as a costeffective way These modalities address the needs of various groups of the population including the ageing population segment a large percentage of which are affected by chronic conditions that are the leading causes of illness disability and death Patientc...

Devices Containing Membranes

Better membrane, improved outcomes

The ability to separate molecular species in a solute using a membrane was first described by Thomas Graham in and today the process is widely used in a variety of industrial and clinical applications In the latter commonly used applications are plasma separation oxygenation and the augmentation of renal function Haemodialysis In plasma separation...

Facilities Operations

Art for Health's Sake

An evidence-based approach

They say a picture is worth a thousand words In a museum we can stand and ponder on what these thousand words may be We can look at a picture wonder and let our thoughts wander But what about art in a hospital In a hospital patients visitors and staff are all under constant pressure and in a state of stress and anxiety Patients want to feel b...

Healthcare Facilities Design

A global perspective

Today we are seeing an unprecedented global boom in healthcare facilities development fuelled by a wide variety of economic and social factors The Private Finance Initiative that is spawning significant new development in the UK The creation of free zones giving rise to entire healthcare cities in the Middle East China

Lean Process Program Planning

Guidelines for optimum operations and design

Over the past several decades healthcare planning and design have developed into a multispeciality arena beyond most of any other building type This has been mandated as a result of the increasing complexity of factors like intertwining codes regulations technologies reimbursement and insurance impacts medical systems informatics equipment staffing...

Generative Space

Creating sustainable improvements

The CARITAS Project was launched in by Dr Wayne Ruga who had also founded the annual Symposium on Healthcare Design and The Center for Health Design The purpose of The CARITAS Project is to pioneer the development of the next generation of resources to systemically and sustainably improve health and healthcare delivery with design of the environme...

Information Technology

Digital Ward

Hospital of the future

The Digital Ward project was initiated by Singapore Health Services SingHealth Singapores largest public healthcare group with the objective of transforming the way healthcare professionals capture and access clinical information The Digital Ward project team is made up of IT professionals from SingHeal

Healthcare IT

Innovations for better care

The unique aspects of the US healthcare system result in a huge underinsured or uninsured population with income too high to qualify for governmental healthcare The need to provide even minimal care to this growing number of uninsured Americans results in some degree of cost shifting to those with insurance further adding to the cost burden of empl...

Medical Banking

A new stakeholder

For many years banks have been considered as money changers that apply their trade in between the healthcare stakeholders The emergence of privacy and security mandates like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA coupled with the growth of accountbased health plans increasingly managed by banks is challenging this paradigm Banks...