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Issue 57 | 2022

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Issue 57



Technology as a key enabler

Emergency care is all about the quick response accessibility and availability of essential services The quality and accuracy of the information available and relevant data obtained during an emergency incident are the key factors that determine the outcome and its success

Healthcare Management

Challenges and Achievements

The presence of gravity on Earth has had an integral effect on the development of life over billions of years and shaped the anatomy and physiology of human beings

As the world turns a page on the pandemic much is still unknown on the full implications of the Covid virus and its health impacts in the long term

Relevance in emerging economies

In while giving an Institute lecture at IIT Kanpur India the author had bemoaned that science engineering and technology institutions were far away from medical colleges physically and emotionally

While patient and provider experiences vary by country COVID has illuminated the global nature of healthcare and tested the resilience of organisations

It is no secret that diversity and inclusion have taken centre stage in company strategies worldwide due to their essential roles in driving business growth

The Ps is an amalgamation of onthejob training learning through mistakes and of course guidance from various stakeholders including bosses peers juniors and professional outsiders

Medical Sciences

Digital transformation has presented incredible opportunities for change especially within the field of healthcare Technologies such as big data artificial intelligence AI machinelearning ML and analytics have gained popularity in recent years and promise greater business impact and industry disruption

Surgical Speciality

V-Shaped double-layer patch technique

Currently popular surgical techniques for complete atrioventricular septal defect CAVSD are mainly twopatch technique and modified singlepatch technique


Roadmap to the future

Academic health centres follow the tripartite mission of advancing clinical care education and research Academic physicians have the opportunity to pursue focused excellence in clinical and translational research medical education safety and quality global health health care informatics and public advocacy

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Medical technology has brought us here and technological advancements have fuelled it to reach amazing heights New innovations have been coming at an ever increasing rate

Information Technology

Future of emergency care services in India

Emergency care services have been designed to provide timely and immediate care to timesensitive conditions In any sort of medical emergency

While Amazons Alexa and Googles Home internet of things IoTs are the most popular IoT devices available widely in the market they are still impaired in their ability to perform advanced activities described in the above quote from a popular movie franchise

Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD hereafter referred to as Autism which includes Aspergers Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise SpecifiedPDDNOS is a complex lifelong developmental condition that typically appears during early childhood and can impact a persons social skills communication relationships and selfregulation


Guerbet is a pioneer with a long history over years in the field of contrast agents particularly in MRI having invented the st macrocyclic GBCA which has been on the market for more than years and in more than countries


The prime purpose of the vaccine management system is to make it as easy as possible for citizens to access and receive the vaccination so we can drive up the level of community uptake

The future of healthcare technology is fast becoming an innovative and lifechanging space where medical devices and equipment are increasingly focusing on affordability accessibility and efficiency

With fewer hospital visits healthcare providers are looking to technology to fill the gap Strategies include empowering patients to take more responsibility for their care and finding ways to provide care virtually not just in the hospital or clinic