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Healthcare Management

Personalised Healthcare

A transformational opportunity India requires a better emergency medical service to meet the Despite increasing healthcare costs healthcare suffers from suboptimal quality and inefficiency Personalised Healthcare offers the transformational opportuni..

Emergency Services in India

Counting on betterment

India requires a better emergency medical service to meet the growing number of emergencies What exists currently in the form of fragmented services across the country falls way short of meeting the requirement..

Lean in Primary CareThe basics

Sustaining transformation

Lean approaches have been widely adopted by hospitals but application in the primary care setting has received less attention Primary care can use a Lean approach to structure and sustain quality improvement work but as with all quality improvement a..

Commissioning for Improved Patient Safety

Rise of a new era

Ensuring the delivery of healthcare as safely as possible has become top priority for the NHS The commissioners have an important role to play in planning and monitoring services on the basis of quality and outcomes to restore primum non nocere first..

Medical Sciences

Contrast Echocardiography

Current indications

Contrast agents have been shown to be useful to improve the image quality in echocardiography The development of new ultrasound contrast agents and imaging techniques has enabled the bedside assessment of myocardial function and perfusion..

Importance of Traditional Medicine

In the age of technology Monitoring with implantable devices

Most nations except the US have natural medicine traditions known and widely practised by the populace With the increasing availability of Western technocentred medicine theres a seduction in favour of modern medicine over traditional treatments Heal..

Surgical Speciality

Heart Valve Surgeries

Innovations and new developments

Operation through a smaller incision makes valve surgery easier on the patient Because of improved durability more tissue valves are implanted compared to mechanical valves The latest development is percutaneous replacement of aortic valves and repai..


The Innovator’s Prescription

How Asia can disrupt the global healthcare

Asian innovators have the opportunity to design systems and services that are profitable and sustainable yet affordable and accessible to everyone As they do so they can make major contributions to solve the global healthcare crisis by collaborating ..

Cardiac Computed Tomography

Emerging Cardiac Devices and Technologies

Recent studies have confirmed that noninvasive coronary imaging using Computed Tomographic Coronary Angiography CTCA is exceptionally accurate and at the same time compared with its invasive counterpart is faster cheaper and safer..

MR Diffusion and Perfusion

Can they replace PET?

Functional Magnetic resonance imaging tools have now become widely available and allow viewing beyond the morphology of physiologic and pathologic tissue Using innovative sequence design and modern MR contrast media most methods can be easily integra..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Orthopedic Medical Devices

Emerging technologies and trends

Research is looking beyond using implants screws metallic cages to incorporating biologic bone substitutes with regenerative potential to address orthopedic conditions..

Facilities Operations

In and Out of the Emergency Room

Streamlined design of patient flow

Many factors influence the patient throughput in and out of the Emergency Department Clarity in layout and simplicity in operations are keys to streamlined flow..

Information Technology

Patient Proxies in Decision-Making

What computers can\\\'t capture

Healthcare policy makers face the challenging task of balancing managements requirements for quantified information with the often unmeasurable realities of clinical decisionmaking Decisionmaking and healthcare policies need to be responsive to biome..

Benchmarking and Accrediting in Health Informatics

Driving up quality and reducing risk

Quality assurance and continuous development of health information and IT services in healthcare is a key patient safety and business issue A part of this is the need to assure the professionalism of individual practitioners as well as the services t..

Enhancing self-management of chronic low back pain

Role of a patient-centred website

There exists from the patients pointofview an information gap between general knowledge about treatment and prevention and capacities to change behaviours Often delivered information does not address specific difficulties of the patients..

A Look into the Future

The Hippocratic Oath mentions the teaching of knowledge and leaving jobs to professionals in the future the professional may be a robot Historically technological changes have come at a manageable pace today the potential danger is that a lot of new ..

Healthcare IT

Adoption in Asia Pacific

Challenges such as rising healthcare costs demand for better quality of healthcare increasing labour shortage and fragmented healthcare system are making it imperative for healthcare organisation to integrate IT solutions in their administrative and ..


Banking on Market Demand

If key stakeholders in the healthcare market demand something to be done then the interoperability issue will see a significant change..


Healthcare IT’s Big Challenge

Any time you start with data exchange you identify issues which need to be worked out Many of the key standards are not fully maturefor example just because a message is represented as HL7 version 3 doesnt mean that it will be possible to read it on ..

Healthcare IT in UAE

An innovative transformation

The UAE Health Authority HAAD is defining health data standards to ensure that providers and insurers are reporting data consistently HAAD is leveraging this empirical data to drive population based healthcare reforms and healthy lifestyle initiative..

Healthcare IT in India

An Optimistic Outlook

Challenges in integrating IT into the healthcare system in India are many but they can be addressed through leadership and vision..

Healthcare IT in Australia

Driven by e-Health

One key feature of the current state of ehealth in Australia is a clear lack of coordination This is probably due to the absence of an authorised body to oversee and coordinate ehealth activities..

Healthcare IT in Asia

Start with the Basics

Virtually all areas of Healthcare IT need further development In fact they will be in a state of evolution for a long time..

Healthcare IT in Asia

Learning from the Global Experience

Different countries in Asia are facing different challenges and will need to respond accordingly..

Healthcare IT in Asia

Ready for Transformation

Asia is ready for rapid technological changes happening in health care globally..


Wipro Healthcare Offers Hospital Information System in the “Pay Per Use” Mode

Offering the Software as a Service(SaaS)


Healthcare Information Exchange

On the Internet