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Issue 51 | 2021

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Issue 51



Infrastructure holds the key

It was a year ago that China announced the lockdown of Wuhan city in a bid to contain the explosion of COVID the novel coronavirus In the weeks that followed the global population witnessed an unprecedented spread of virus that has claimed more than two million lives

Healthcare Management

A growing market

MHealth products provide online healthcare and medical services using mobile devices eg smartphones such as online consultation online diagnosis online health monitoring online healthcare and fitness management online doctor appointments and followups medicalhealthcare related information database access intelligent data processing health record da...

An ode to the team

Incoming business and the generated top line is the key for any business However little is recognised that the accrued efficacy of the top line to convert to real profit is finally determined by the bottom line and the many factors that affect it I would call it the dance of the devils

The key to nutrition awareness in APAC

The AsiaPacific APAC region is home to some of the worlds fastest growing economies and ironically more than half of the undernourished children on the planet too In the wake of the pandemic government priorities are very much centred on containing the outbreaks and economic support measures while healthcare systems continue to operate under immens...

Physical appointments even referrals have been declined due to pandemic as there was no active and physical consulting going on It has affected both inhouse patients as well as outdoor patients

The challenge of quality patient care in hospital systems

The author is of the opinion that TQM is a process which embraces the conscious striving for zero defects in patient care and caring the management of hospital organisations in cooperation with its workforce to improve processes in order to develop produce and provide all medical services which satisfy patients needs and expectations

Medical Sciences

What should the clinician do in patients with tachycardia?

The Resting Heart Rate RHR represents a reliable marker of autonomic nervous system tone High RHR is due to sympathoadrenergic predominance reflecting increased sympathetic discharge and reduced vagal activity a condition that is genetically determined


Lung ultrasonography is a diagnostic tool known for several decades It owes its popularity to the work of many clinicians who use this method of lung imaging on a daily basis in their medical practice with diagnostic successesLung ultrasonography is a diagnostic tool known for several decades It owes its popularity to the work of many clinicians wh...

Shedding light on RV-PA uncoupling with echocardiography

Heart Failure HF is a critical social problem all over the world and HF with preserved Ejection Fraction HFpEF has particularly been increasing and upcoming to a bothering issue Complicated pathophysiology and multiple comorbidities with an aging population makes it rather difficult to find the best way to treat HFpEF patients and none of specific...

Information Technology


Amidst a global decline in noncoronavirus care expenditure Asia has been the only region to see an increase in healthcare spending in thanks to consistent economic performance Healthcare Information Technology IT spending is a particular area of focus with an estimated compound annual growth rate of per cent between and driven by investments in...

It has been a year since the COVID pandemic started India faced exceptional challenges the healthcare system has been stress tested by the high patient volumes and the infrastructural inefficiencies More importantly it has brought about a transformation in healthcare delivery via the power of digital health technologies to address these gaps

Are we really there?

Deployment of Smart Home Technologies SHT for remote healthcare is already causing a paradigm shift However achieving technical success is not the same as demonstrating a clinical difference in healthcare outcomes Technology acceptance from the beneficiarys perspective is essential