Facilities & Operations

A full range of facilities & operations are very essential to provide better healthcare to patients. Healthcare facilities management is vital for medical facilities and to ensure service requests are provided efficiently and quickly to maintain operations without intermission. Effective Hospitals & healthcare facilities are crucial to fulfil the needs of people. Proper hospitals & medical facilities help to reduce loss to the hospitals as they assist in saving time, efforts and workforce. The efficient way usage of facilities deepens the relationship between hospitals and patients.

Surgical Safety in Operation Theatres

The patient safety in the operating room commences before the patient enters the operation theatre and includes attention to all applicable types of preventive premedication errors but surgical errors are unique and need to emphasised Potentially preventable surgical errors have received increasing ..

From ICU to I See You

Small things make a big difference in healthcare

Small Changes to Make a Big Difference in Patient Care Once an ICU patient for three months two of which were in a coma Nancy recognises the incredibly challenging job of medical professionals committed to delivering the highest quality healthcare to the most ill patients Through her unique perspec..

Improving Patient Experience, Safety and Progression through Care Model Redesign & Lean Management System

Care models help hospitals set up measures to ensure a positive patient perception to increase loyalty branding and to ensure smooth patient flow and pathways thereby increasing hospital productivity turnover Today as healthcare becomes an outofpocket expense consumers are seeking value in their h..

Environmental Safety in Hospitals

The environment within the hospital is critical for life support Environmental concerns affect the hospital internally and externally Indeed the hospital requires a safe internal environment Externally the hospital is a contributor to the environmental load of the community Some internal factors tha..

Modelling Facility and Operations in Design of and Transition to a New Healthcare Space

Physical design and process design are inseparably connected in healthcare facilities Modelling facility and operations aids in evaluating design alternatives and in familiarising an organisation and its staff to a new space during transition This article explores simulations of various fidelity the..

Lean Operational Planning in the Design of Ambulatory Care Centers

For high quality building

This article outlines the use of Lean methodology and the impact on design in the Ambulatory Care Center setting Case studies are presented to demonstrate the use of lean methodology on both operations and design strategies Lean is centred on what adds value and reduces waste Each project is unique ..

Environmental Impacts for Healthcare Sustainability

Gundersen Health System is the first US healthcare organisation to achieve energy independence producing more energy than it consumes Gundersens Envision programme saves the organisation millions of dollars each year boosts the local economy and teaches organisations on how to become better environm..

Creating a System for Safety

It needs to be ensured that each and every patient receives evidencebased care unless contraindicated as part of everyday work This means that safe care is provided If safe care is delivered the events that contribute to patient morbidity and mortality can be reduced The opportunity for infections w..

Toileting aids in Hospitals Reuse or Dispose?

As part of a portfolio of infection control and waste management measures disposable systems can help save nurse time and improve working conditions This in turn helps to preserve patient dignity and enhance the patient experience by providing a clean product every time to aid safer healthcare..

Dealing with Overcrowding in an Emergency Department

Using IT technologies and standardisation

Dealing with overcrowding a high per centage of sickness and a high level of stress among staff are universal problems in Emergency Departments ED In creating a new ED we chose to deal with overcrowding as our major challenge By using new IT technologies in planning standardised patient tracks as we..