Facilities operations

A full range of facilities & operations are very essential to provide better healthcare to patients. Healthcare facilities management is vital for medical facilities and to ensure service requests are provided efficiently and quickly to maintain operations without intermission. Effective Hospitals & healthcare facilities are crucial to fulfil the needs of people. Proper hospitals & medical facilities help to reduce loss to the hospitals as they assist in saving time, efforts and workforce. The efficient way usage of facilities deepens the relationship between hospitals and patients.

The Healthcare Sector Needs to Lead the way on Decarbonisation

The recent Lancet Countdown report on Climate Change highlighted the impact of the healthcare sector in global emissions

Enhancing Accessibility to Critical Healthcare Facilities in Asia Pacific's Emerging Markets

The Covid pandemic highlighted many inequalities in healthcare around the world

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Systems

For operating room treatments

Germicidal ultraviolet light disinfection contributes to reducing bacterial transmission and surgical site infections Treatment may reduce Coronavirus disease

Headway to Revamp Hospital Logistics

Healthcare is a crucial system governed by humanistic approaches that emphasise the personal value of an individual Human emotions and values form the core of the system which is efficiently supported by the creativity and proactive nature of healthcare staff


Lean is indeed an interesting concept to apply in almost all facets of life be it weight management service management or manufacturing In a nutshell to be lean we need to lean towards lean working and lean living


Towards sustainability

The deteriorating health of our planet is an issue of international concern and has a direct impact on human health Healthcare industry uses modern medications equipment and sophisticated technologies for the treatment but through resourceintensive processes


The programming planning and design of healthcare facilities are of prime importance to improve the patient visitor and staff experience

The Breath of life

Over million die every year often in our care of air quality issues Millions more of water soil and food contamination What is our role as healthcare providers in addressing these major areas of poor health

Managing IV Infections in India

Healthcareacquired infections or Hospital Acquired Infections HAIs are the most common complications of hospital care leading to high morbidity and mortality While the World Health Organization WHO estimates about per cent HAIs burden in hospitalised patients globally

Primary Care

We the urbanites can we imagine a world without a doctor In fact vicinity to medical care and education facilities are part of the top key factors on deciding where to buy our new homeAnd yet just the mere availability of good primar

Discharge Begins at Intake

Communication tactics that help patients transition and shorten stays and reduce readmissions

Whenever I work with a hospital or healthcare system to help them with communication processes I introduce this concept created by business guru and author Steven Covey that states begin with the end in mind This approach of reaching effective outcomes works with establishing and reaching most project management goals and objectives With patient...


Creating the culture and mindset for patient safety

Culture of a healthcare organisation impacts the mindset of employees and surrounding environment Considering organisations culture there are various aspects which should be assessed It starts from how the staff value the decision of senior new innovations and technologies that are applied in organisations risk taking capability alertness towards m...

Surgical Safety in Operation Theatres

Surgical care is a fundamental part of healthcare around the globe Ensuring surgical safety in operation theatres is the need of the hour A safe and salubrious operating theatre is achieved only through careful planning maintenance and periodic checks as well as proper ongoing training for staff An operating theatre is a complex system with nume...

From ICU to I See You

Small things make a big difference in healthcare

On May th on a flight back home after a speaking engagement in Atlantic City I suddenly fell ill I was too weak to walk and I had to be taken off the airplane in a wheelchair and brought to my local ER The following morning I was transported by ambulance to the Intensive Care Unit ICU at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston I was sick...

Improving Patient Experience, Safety and Progression through Care Model Redesign & Lean Management System

It is the duty of care providers to realise that a hospital is more than a business it is an imperative service to patients and families and supporting them morally at the most challenging and critical times of their lives are our duty Apart from keeping patients informed and engaged mollifying the censorious environment and ensuring that the patie...

Environmental Safety in Hospitals

Hospitals are representative of complex environment in which different aspects including patients staff equipment services and information are interfaced Maintaining a safe environment reflects a level of competent healthcare that must be fulfilled for patient safety In this context the clinical engineer plays an important role in providing safe en...

Modelling Facility and Operations in Design of and Transition to a New Healthcare Space

All across the world healthcare organisations face changes from their payers Insurers and governments are changing reimbursement models while the healthcare consumer the patient and their family is increasingly informed and discerning This pace of change is driving the need for improvement in healthcare management While operational improvement proj...

Lean Operational Planning in the Design of Ambulatory Care Centers

For high quality building

The subject of ambulatory care setting continues to grow and provides a much needed resource for urgent care primary care and speciality practices Ambulatory care centres can provide better access for patients and increase efficiencies in healthcare arena Design changes to these centres can be impacted with lean operational planning Lean is centred...

Environmental Impacts for Healthcare Sustainability

At Gundersen Health System we define health of the populations we serve to include physical and mental health social wellbeing and the fiscal health of our communities We are so convinced that this should be a part of responsible healthcare and thus been embedded in our strategic plan and is a measured integral part of how we accomplish our goals T...

Creating a System for Safety

Is the existing environment sufficiently suitable for practising a better healthcare system What measures have to be taken for better outcomes In order to build a system of safety we must first all agree as to what we mean by patient safety As with any work unless we agree to a common definition and understand

Toileting aids in Hospitals Reuse or Dispose?

Healthcare providers are under increasing pressure in todays society populations are expanding at an unprecedented rate and many people are living longer With demand for the services on the rise hospitals strive to meet their patients needs and expectations for highquality treatment without compromise However the risk of Healthcareacquired Infec

Dealing with Overcrowding in an Emergency Department

Using IT technologies and standardisation

Designing Navigation Friendly Hospitals

Should the availability of easy wayfinding simply put finding ones way to a destination options in hospitals be of concern to health facility designers and executives From a broader perspective of patient wellbeing it makes sense that patients visitors and family member

Using Operational Planning Studies

To improve planning and design in healthcare facilities

Operational planning studies play a vital role in healthcare facility planning It assists clients in obtaining goals of improvised quality efficiency and experience Lean operational planning is a methodology that draws upon the ability to specify details on objectives that can be achieved and carried out by front line staff Both operational plannin...

State of Sustainable Design in Healthcare

A commentary

The buildings that support the delivery of healthcare services encompass a broad range of building typesranging from small community outpatient clinics to large acute care hospitalsand an equally broad range of ownersphilanthropic nonprofits to corporate entities Globally healthcare is a significant service economywhile the percentage of

Improving Reliability for Safer Care

A proactive approach

From a scientific pointofview healthcare has improved dramatically over the past years The development of new treatment modalities has had a significant impact on many people This of course differs from country to country as well as within countries and communities Access to the standardised and reliable care that should be provided is often diffi...

Patient Safety and Risk Management

A look at the basics

The need to consider and manage the safety of patients within healthcare has been widely recognised over the past decade The science of patient safety has grown and is constantly seeking to identify how and why things go wrong in patient care and what we can learn from other industries and from other disciplines such as psychology to make care safe...

Patient Safety

The next level

It has been seven years since patient safety became recognised as a major international healthcare issue Eisenbergs analogy of patient safety having the characteristics of an epidemic of worldwide portions provides a framework of examining patient safety with three stages Identify the risks and hazards that cause or have the potential to cau

Desperately Seeking Safety

Creating integrated surgical/imaging environments that do less harm

The challenge of creating safer healthcare environments Health care is plagued by an insurmountable abundance of medical errors It is estimated that over preventable deaths occur each year in the US hospitals alone This is equal in magnitude to a jumbo jet liner crashing every three days with no

Hospital of Tomorrow

The design perspective

The field of healthcare designs is currently undergoing an exciting transformation that will significantly change the appearance of our hospitals More and more healthcare administrators and medical professionals are becoming aware of the need to create a healing environment that supports the needs of patients family and staff The key factor motivat...

Benchmarking and Measuring Patient Safety

The Medway model

The Medway NHS Foundation Trust is situated in Kent approximately miles east of London and miles west of the coast of England It is a large district general hospital and has regional services including Vascular and Neonatal services It also has the busiest accident and emergency department in the county with over attendances year The senior nur...

Quality and Safety

Creating a supportive culture

Consider a typical senior management meeting and how carewhich is after all the core businessis talked about Care is typically talked about as delays costs issues liabilities and perhaps revenue or market share Its beneficial purpose generally remains implicit Conversely consider a typical clinical meeting Here the system is

Healthcare Design

The need for consumer-driven research

The pivotal role of healthcare design in the improvement of healthcare delivery has become widely accepted under the rubric of evidencebased design However there is a need for consumerdriven comprehensive programming methodology applicable to healthcare design projects in Asia and the United States

Baylor Emergency Department

Providing state-of-the-art services

The Baylor University Healthcare System is a Christian ministry of healing that serves patients by providing exemplary healthcare education research and community service It was founded on the principle of improving community health by addressing identified needs The Baylor University Medical Center Emergency Department BUMC ED located in downtown...

The Hospital of the Future Isn't...

Role of architects

No administrator patient or doctor today would recognise the hospital of the future It isnt a healthcare facility as we know it As a result of changes in technology and the general delivery system consolidation amalgamation and an everchanging regulatory environment the hospital of the future will not be the resourceintensive and richly utilised or...

Sustainable Hospital Design

Beyond the numbers

Its getting harder to read a newspaper or watch the television without seeing news about the impact of global warming While the debate about cause and effect is certain to continue it is clear to a growing number of people that we must reduce the consumption of natural resources and the emissions of carbon into the atmosphere

Generative Space

Creating sustainable improvements

The CARITAS Project was launched in by Dr Wayne Ruga who had also founded the annual Symposium on Healthcare Design and The Center for Health Design The purpose of The CARITAS Project is to pioneer the development of the next generation of resources to systemically and sustainably improve health and healthcare delivery with design of the environme...

Lean Process Program Planning

Guidelines for optimum operations and design

Over the past several decades healthcare planning and design have developed into a multispeciality arena beyond most of any other building type This has been mandated as a result of the increasing complexity of factors like intertwining codes regulations technologies reimbursement and insurance impacts medical systems informatics equipment staffing...

Healthcare Facilities Design

A global perspective

Today we are seeing an unprecedented global boom in healthcare facilities development fuelled by a wide variety of economic and social factors The Private Finance Initiative that is spawning significant new development in the UK The creation of free zones giving rise to entire healthcare cities in the Middle East China

Art for Health's Sake

An evidence-based approach

They say a picture is worth a thousand words In a museum we can stand and ponder on what these thousand words may be We can look at a picture wonder and let our thoughts wander But what about art in a hospital In a hospital patients visitors and staff are all under constant pressure and in a state of stress and anxiety Patients want to feel b...

Infection Control

Bridging the Gulf in Infection Control

Key Points Comprehensive strategies have been implemented in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region for the detection and prevention of infectious disease A training initiative is underway to increase the number of infection control professionals in the region

Major Issues and Trends Impacting Health and Hospital Planning, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance

Basic questions such as environmental physical mental and spiritual health and wellbeing are often overlooked in the rush to design health and hospital facilities Access If the public cannot reach a healthcare facility because of its location or lack of infrastructure it might as well not exist Easy access by foot bicycle scooter and motorcyc...

Lean Rapid Prototyping

Improving healthcare design

There is a new Leaninspired trend in healthcare planning in which planners design professionals and care providers can be seen moving cardboard walls around in large warehousetype spaces to simulate highintensity healthcare areas such as the emergency department surgical suite oran imaging center These groups are most likely participating in a rapi...

Lean Team Engagement

Improving Healthcare Design

Healthcare facility design is evolving to use lean principles in more phases of the design process To date the majority of the lean principles and tools have been used during the construction process which has demonstrated to reduce waste in the schedule and save the owner money When Akron Childrens Hospital recognised the need for additional criti...

Health in the Green Economy

How Carbon Reduction May Impact Health in Health Sector Services

The provision of accessible affordable and quality healthcare is directly dependent on the efficient performance of healthcare facilities Modern healthcare facilities and procedures however require many costly and energyintensive processes in terms of the use of water lighting heating cooling and ventilation as well as waste disposal These are par...

Using Lean in Healthcare Facility Planning and Design

Healthcare organisations are currently facing major challenges including declining reimbursements competing on patient wait times and satisfaction and complying with timesensitive care standards for high quality care When designing healthcare facilities it is important to consider more than architecture and construction Taking a comprehensive view...

Surgical Workflow

Methods and applications

The performance of todays business processes is strongly supported by information systems Constant adaptation of the business processes to market requirements is achieved by business process analysis and optimisation Until now it was not possible to analyse surgical and intraoperative interventions for optimisation potentials and to support thei...

Reducing ICU Mortality

Strategies for the 21st century

Claude Bernard has introduced the concept of intensive care when arguing in favour of restoring homeostasis as a key point of diseases management Intensive care became more concrete to people in the middle of the th century when the introduction of lung iron to support respiratory function prevented death in most of victims of the poliomyelitis pan...

Considering the Human Factor

Integrating technology with a healing environment greatly improves the patient experience

In response to the anxiety many patients experience in a closed MRIin some cases requiring sedation before a procedurethe healthcare field developed open MRI technology and redesigned MRI suites to reduce patients stress Yet few healthcare or

Health in the Green Economy

How carbon reduction may impact health in health sector services

The provision of accessible affordable and quality healthcare is directly dependent on the efficient performance of healthcare facilities Modern healthcare facilities and procedures howev

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