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EVOPROTECT is the next stage in blood collection. The semi-automatic click mechanism protects the user from the risk of needlestick injuries and makes the daily task of blood collection easier.

VACUETTE® EVOPROTECT provides for gentle collection and safety from injury because we believe that every needlestick is one too many. The safety blood collection set meets current safety recommendations and requirements and provides substantial support for safe blood collection and infusion with the same set.

User-friendly with an optimised design

The VACUETTE® EVOPROTECT is ergonomically designed and intuitive to use. It has a winged needle, specially developed for one-handed use. The potential
needlestick injuries are minimised by the activation of the safety mechanism while the needle is still in the vein.

The VACUETTE® EVOPROTECT is suitable for a blood collection and a following infusion with the same set.

Maximum safety

The VACUETTE® EVOPROTECT Safety Blood Collection Set has a semi-automatic safety mechanism. The triggers are located on the side of the product, facilitating one-handed activation. The needle is then automatically retracted and, at the same time safely and irreversibly enclosed in the safety shield. A clearly audible click confirms that the safety mechanism is successfully activated.

Designed with patient comfort in mind

The ultra-sharp, triple bevel needle tip ensures optimal patient comfort. A view window between the needle and the tubing gives an immediate visual indication that vein entry was successful. The tubing is designed to ensure that the needle stays as still as possible in the vein. The location of the safety mechanism triggers, on the side of the device, minimises the risk of the needle moving in the patient’s vein during activation.

The gentle touch in four steps

Winged needle

The material and surface design of the wings provide a simple, safe grip and op-timal hold during puncture.

Safety mechanism

The safety mechanism is activated while still in the patient’s vein, offering the user an even higher level of safety. The design of the safety mechanism pro-motes a straight removal of the needle from the vein therefore offering more pa-tient comfort.


The tubing is particularly flexible with minimal memory effect.


The extra-thin walls of the 21G and 23G needles have a positive effect on flow rate and thus the duration of blood collection/ infusion.

Step 1

Perform venipuncture (with patient´s arm in downward position). Flashback will con-firm successful vein entry, depending on the patient´s venous pressure.

Step 2

Collect blood according to your facility´s procedure. After completion, place gauze over collection site without applying pressure.

Step 3

The product is intended for in-vein activation. With one hand, activate the safety mechanism by pressing the blue coloured release buttons. Take care not to hinder the automatic retraction.

Step 4

The safety mechanism will automatically slide backwards until an audible click is heard. The click is a sign that the safety mechanism has been correctly activated. Dispose of device in a sharp’s container per facility procedure.

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