Advanced Paediatric Life Support

Advanced Paediatric Life Support

Pages: 528

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (UK)

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Stephanie Smith

Book Description:


The gold standard for treating paediatric emergencies

Advanced Paediatric Life Support: A Practical Approach to Emergencies is the internationally renowned manual on emergency paediatric care. Written to support the course run by the Advanced Life Support Group, the book uses their structured approach: a tried and tested practical method of treating children during the crucial first few hours of a life-threatening illness or injury. Advanced Paediatric Life Support is used by doctors, nurses and allied health professionals dealing with emergencies in children. Its clear layout and straightforward style make it a highly practical tool both for training and in the event of an emergency.

In the seventh edition you will find descriptions of both common and uncommon paediatric emergencies which you may encounter in clinical practice, their causes, and how to best treat them during the first hours after presentation.

This book offers a thoroughly evidence-based approach to its subject, which includes:

•    The latest International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) 2021 guidelines
•    A thorough introduction to the structured approach to paediatric emergencies, including important non-technical skills and communication
•    Comprehensive explorations of the seriously ill child, including airway and breathing, circulation, decreased consciousness, seizures and exposure
•    Practical discussions of the seriously injured child, including examinations of chest, abdominal, brain and spinal injuries
•    Evidence-based life support treatment and the practical application of the Advanced Paediatric Life Support structured management
Perfect for emergency care physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals, Advanced Paediatric Life Support: A Practical Approach to Emergencies will also benefit paediatric clinicians, doctors-in-training and anyone else with an interest in the team management and treatment of paediatric emergencies.