Health Care and Environmental Contamination, 1st Edition

Health Care and Environmental Contamination, 1st Edition

Pages: 300

Publisher: Elsevier

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Alistair Boxall and Rai Kookana

Book Description:

Health Care and Environmental Contamination provides a comprehensive explanation of new and evolving topics in the field, including discussions on emissions from pharmaceutical manufacturing, disposal of medical wastes, inputs from sewerage systems, effects on aquatic organisms and wildlife, indirect effects on human health, antibiotic resistance, stewardship, and treatment. These important issues affect the natural environment, making this first book on the topic a must have for comprehensive, broad, and up-to-date coverage of these issues.

This enlightening book has been written by leading global researchers, scientists, and practitioners in the field. It provides an engaging writing style for specialists and non-specialists as well as ensures a broad balance and critical overview of topics, with unbiased information from thought leaders.