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Manual of Pediatric Intensive Care

Manual of Pediatric Intensive Care

Pages: 248

Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers

Year of Publication: 2024

Author(s) : Karunakara BP

Book Description:

Accurate diagnosis of pediatric illness is, at times, more challenging than diagnosis of adult illness because children, especially those of a very young age, are often unable to describe or illustrate their symptoms.

This manual is a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and management of children in intensive care.

Divided into 30 sections, the book covers numerous disorders, from respiratory failure and airway obstruction, pneumonia, and acute asthma, to liver failure, burns, abdominal trauma, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and many more.

Separate chapters are dedicated to ultrasound and echocardiography, and ventilators.

Each topic is presented in a step by step approach, explaining history, signs and symptoms, investigation and examination, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, and treatment options.