Redesigning Healthcare

Redesigning Healthcare

Pages: 355

Publisher: Springer Verlag, Singapore

Year of Publication: 2024

Author(s) : Evonne Miller

Book Description:

This is an open access book.

How Designers are Transforming Healthcare is a bold manifesto for change, demonstrating the value of a strategic design-led approach. Drawing on a rich array of real-world projects, this book illustrates how designers, in collaboration with clinicians and consumers, are co-creating transformative change across healthcare environments, products, services, and systems.

In a fascinating multi-voice conversation, this book outlines how design methods and mindsets, including co-design, prototyping, design and futures thinking, facilitates creative problem-solving. The ideas, tools, and challenges in How Designers are Transforming Healthcare make it a vital text - a doer's guide - for designers, clinicians, academics, consumers, and policymakers seeking innovative strategies for engagement, innovation and improvement in healthcare.