Surgical Equipment and Supplies, 2nd Edition

Surgical Equipment and Supplies, 2nd Edition

Pages: 272

Publisher: F. A. Davis Publishing

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Colleen J. Rutherford

Book Description:

Here’s your go-to guide to the vast array of surgical instruments and equipment used in the OR today. This spiral-bound text/atlas delivers over 725 full-color photographs, detailed specifications, and comprehensive coverage you won’t find anywhere else.Thoroughly updated and revised throughout to reflect the practice of surgery today, it’s the resource you’ll turn to every day.

For any surgeon or student of surgery, this book serves as a pictoral guide as well as a directory of specific details about a wide array of surgical tools, equipment as well as supplies in terms of their make-up, their functionality and form. It is a wholesome source of insightful information, comprising of a holistic coverage of almost every essential equipment/device known to practicing surgeons and aspiring students.