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Prasanthi Sadhu

Prasanthi Sadhu

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Prasanthi Sadhu Editor, Asian Hospitals and Healthcare Management

Digitisation has radically altered the publishing industry over the years. Irrespective of technological developments, print medium has its own place in the industry. Taking pride of launching 56th issue of our Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management magazine in both print and digital formats: this is an Executives special issue, aimed at facilitating subject matter experts comprising the magazine’s advisory board and author community share perspectives and insights on the latest trends, key issues impacting and influencing the healthcare industry.

Started our first step in 2005 and successfully running towards the launch of issue 56 with a issue every quarter. In this journey, we came across many changes and tried our best to serve our audience and clients creating the best possible platform increasing their visibility and facilitating outreach to their target audience. From a biannual publication to a quarterly edition, supplemented by the newsletter, we have come a long way with the core objective of delivering most insightful content covering the latest in healthcare.

With cutting-edge content that revolves around the latest trends and subject areas critical to the industry, the magazine covers all the areas of the healthcare industry. The perfect combination of articles on industry trends, technical developments, scientific information and managerial strategies. Here, I take a privilege to acknowledge our contributors, who are dedicating their efforts and valuable time by sharing their knowledge to our readers.

This Executives Special Issue covers a mix of articles on different topics like Healthcare ecosystem, Telehealth, AI, Block chain, Digital health and many more by our esteemed authors. As the journey continues, I would like to take things forward with the same energy for our future issues and deliver rich content for our readers. We will continue to strive to disseminate healthcare insights producing most relevant content and sincerely believe that this collaboration with the contributors will make our journey more successful in the future.

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