Technology and Improved Health Outcomes

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Stuart Kruger, GM, Enterprise & Commercial, SMG Technologies, Australia

The good news is that appropriate technologies exist and are ready to be implemented by forward-thinking healthcare providers.

It is no secret that healthcare services around the world are facing systemic challenges caused by demographic change and lifestyle-related conditions. While a considerable effort has gone into understanding the origins of these problems, comparatively little progress has been made in harnessing the power of technology to help provide solutions. There are many challenges facing the healthcare sector, three in particular being: the ageing population, the growth of lifestyle-related chronic illnesses, and the financing of services. These three significant issues cannot be addressed effectively without appropriate technologies in place to support the speed of potential solutions. The good news, is that these technologies exist and are ready to be implemented by forward-thinking healthcare providers.

The three big challenges facing healthcare services today

An ageing population requires more funding to support the improvement of care coordination. Without this funding there cannot be an effective solution in place to acquire the desired improvements.  Moreover, the suggestion

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Stuart Kruger

Stuart is a highly flexible executive with nearly 2 decades of experience across both B2C & B2B channels. With studies in both marketing and business, he has held senior management and leadership roles with industry leaders across a number of industry verticals, in multiple international markets. Stuart's particular areas of expertise are; business strategy & execution, business development and channel partner relationships.

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