Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Invests US$257 million to Expand Emergency Services in USA

ANTHC plans to invets US$257 million project to expand emergency services at the Alaska Native Medical Centre in USA.

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) has initiated phase 1 of the emergency services expansion project at the existing medical centre. This phase involves renovating and expanding the emergency services department on floors 1-3 and the basement. Phase 1 enhancements comprise:

  • Adding 21 more patient care spaces in the Emergency Department to enhance patient experience with improved openness and navigation.
  • Introducing 12 new beds in the Clinical Decision Unit for short-term treatments in a comfortable environment.
  • Establishing 15 dedicated spaces for behavioural health treatment to address emergent mental health and substance misuse cases effectively.
  • Installing 10 additional surgery recovery bays to enhance the efficiency of day surgery operations, thereby increasing procedure capacity.
  • Creating a new, dedicated drive-through ambulance entrance
  • ANTHC is also progressing with Phase 2 construction (floors 4-6), which includes:
  • Introducing 60 new inpatient beds to accommodate more patients.
  • Transitioning to private inpatient rooms from semi-private ones for improved patient recovery experiences.
  • Adding 32 new adult inpatient beds.
  • Constructing a helipad to augment trauma services.

Name     Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Type      New Construction
Budget   US$257 million