Cincinnati Children’s Invests US$22.5 million to Construct Medical Building in Kentucky, USA

Cincinnati Children’s invests US$22.5 million to open new medical building in Kentucky, USA.

The building will encompass across 27,000 square feet, designed with the foresight to accommodate future expansion needs.

It will house not only a substantial primary care practise but also specialised medical and surgical clinics.

Additionally, the facility will be equipped with vital support services such as integrated behavioural health counselling, a comprehensive laboratory, and radiology services.

This comprehensive setup aims to provide a holistic approach to healthcare, addressing both primary and specialised medical needs while also prioritising mental health support.

The planned speciality clinics for the Cincinnati Children’s building:

•    Adolescent Medicine: Catering specifically to the unique health concerns of adolescents
•    Dermatology: Addressing skin-related issues and conditions in paediatric patients
•    Diabetes: Specialised care and management for children with diabetes
•    Gynaecology: Focusing on reproductive health and related issues in young patients
•    Human Genetics: Offering expertise in genetic disorders and counselling for families
•    Neonatology Complex Care: Specialised care for critically ill newborns and infants
•    Paediatric Surgery Consultation: Providing consultations and surgical expertise for paediatric surgical cases
•    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Offering therapies and treatments for paediatric physical disabilities or injuries
•    Rheumatology: Specialised care for autoimmune and musculoskeletal conditions in children

The Cincinnati Children’s facility is expected to be opened in Spring 2025.

Name    Cincinnati Children
Type      New Construction
Budget   US$22.5 million
Year       2025