Cooley Dickinson Hospital Expands its Emergency Department

Cooley Dickinson Hospital receives an US$100 million gift to expand and renovate its emergency department.

The project includes the addition of 7,700 square feet of space, which will house nine new patient rooms, eight beds dedicated to behavioural health services, and a welcoming family waiting area.

The emergency room will undergo a significant upgrade by introducing a cutting-edge CT scanning machine. This addition will greatly enhance the efficiency and speed of diagnostic imaging, ensuring more prompt and accurate assessments of patients' medical conditions.

Furthermore, the ER will be reconfigured into an oval layout, designed to optimise workflow and patient care.

The newly designed department will feature single patient rooms, prioritising patient privacy and comfort. Additionally, a central nurses' station will be established, facilitating more efficient communication and response to patients' needs by the clinical staff.

The upcoming transformation of the emergency department promises a significant enhancement in patient care.

This project, which entails a remarkable 40 percent expansion of the current space, initiated its construction phase in July. The renovation and expansion is projected to be completed by 2025.

Name    Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Type      Expansion and Renovation
Year       2025