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Coquimbo Hospital Plans to Construct New Hospital in Chile

Coquimbo Hospital plans to break ground to construct new hospital, a facility four times larger than the current hospital. 

The new Coquimbo Hospital will feature 605 hospital beds spread across 22 pavilions. Moreover, it will serve as a pivotal referral centre and the premier regional destination for specialised medical fields such as neurosurgery, highly complex traumatology, dermatology, paediatric critical care, and more.

The new construction will effectively double the bed capacity not only for the residents of Serena and Coquimbo but also for the broader macroregion. Special emphasis will be placed on enhancing services in traumatology and neurology, with an increase in surgical pavilions to cater to the growing demand.

This hospital enables to fulfil the healthcare needs of the country's residents and move closer to achieving the aspiration for dignified, high-quality, and prompt public health services, ultimately contributing to improved happiness and well-being among the populace.

The new Coquimbo High Complexity Hospital, four times larger than its current hospital, is projected to serve over 983 thousand people by the year 2030, significantly benefiting the community with expanded healthcare facilities and services.

Name    Coquimbo Hospital
Type      New Construction
Year       2030