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Jefferson Health Invests US$1 billion to Open New Healthcare Centre in USA

Jefferson Health invests US$1 billion to open new state-of-the-art, patient-focused Centre in USA.

The Honickman Centre will provide a convenient and centralised access to a diverse array of premier medical specialities.

The centre covering about 462,000 square feet, boasts over 300 examination rooms, 58 infusion chairs, ten operating rooms, six endoscopy rooms, an onsite laboratory, a pharmacy, radiology services, and additional facilities.

Furthermore, the centre will accommodate various speciality practises, including gastroenterology & hepatology, general surgery, haematology, infectious diseases, nephrology, otolaryngology head and neck surgery, perioperative optimisation, rheumatology, and urology.

This facility is a pioneering multi-speciality outpatient care centre that maximises the healthcare journey for every patient. It provides accessibility for patients requiring extra support and offers tranquil areas furnished with sensory-friendly furniture specifically crafted for neurodiverse individuals.

The facility stands as one of the most top technologically advanced, patient-centric, and top-tier medical facilities in the United States.

The facility is scheduled to open in April 15, 2024.

Name     Jefferson Health
Type       New Construction
Budget    US$1 billion
Year        April 15, 2024