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McLaren Health Care Invests US$40 million to Open New Ambulatory Care Campus in USA

McLaren Health Care plans to invest US$40 million to construct ambulatory care campus and enhancing patients’ access to health care services in USA. 

The expansion project aims to enhance access to essential healthcare services by adding more clinical space, catering to the growing demand for medical care within the community.

With 8,500 square feet dedicated to the emergency department from the total planned area of 33,680 square feet, the facility aims to offer improved accessibility to diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, family medicine, and various speciality services for the local community, thereby enhancing convenience for residents..

The emergency department, consisting of 17 rooms, will be fully staffed with emergency physicians and care teams. The family medicine office wil be able to host up to five primary care providers. 

Both healthcare providers and patients will benefit from the convenience of having various imaging technologies available on-site, including X-ray, ultrasound, and CT fixed units. Furthermore, provisions will be made for mobile units to supplement imaging capacity and perform additional procedures.

Additionally, the plans include provisions for office space to accommodate a rotating team of specialists, such as cardiologists, neurologists, and surgical consultants.

The new site is expected to have a twofold impact - boosting the local economy by generating employment opportunities and revolutionising access to cutting-edge healthcare services for residents.

Construction is slated to commence in the summer of 2024, with completion expected in the fall of 2025.

Name     McLaren Health Care
Type       New Construction
Budget   US$40 million
Year       2025