McLeod Health Invests US$45 million to Open New Hospital in California, USA

McLeod Health plans to open a new hospital with an investment of US$45 million in California, USA.

The construction of the new facility will take place on the current premises of McLeod Health Cheraw, replacing the existing building.

The plans for the new facility involve expanding around the current emergency department and radiology units, and potentially adding more facilities through new construction, the specifics of which are yet to be determined. 

The construction of the new facility strengthens its position as the leading choice for both inpatient acute care and outpatient services in the region.

Furthermore, the new facility will facilitate the growth of services such as surgery, orthopaedics, and other specialities. There are plans to recruit additional surgeons, specialists, and primary care physicians to support this expansion.

Construction on the new hospital is expected to commence between 2024 and 2025.

Name     McLeod Health
Type       New Construction
Budget   US$45 million