Mercy Health & Lifepoint Breaks Ground on New Behavioural Hospital in USA

Mercy Health and Lifepoint broke ground on a new behavioural health hospital in USA.

The new 61,900-square-foot, 72-bed facility will deliver comprehensive care to both adult and geriatric patients.

It offers a spectrum of services, including inpatient and outpatient treatment along with specialised programmes such as partial hospitalisation and intensive outpatient care, it caters to a diverse range of healthcare needs.

The new hospital will primarily focus on conditions like stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, complex neurological disorders, orthopaedic ailments, multiple traumas, amputations, and other injuries affecting functional or cognitive abilities, this hospital aims to be a beacon of healing and recovery in the region.

This hospital, situated at 3170 Belmont Avenue in Youngstown, will be architecturally crafted to establish a therapeutic setting for patients.

It will boast open, airy spaces incorporating amenities like roomy patient accommodations, communal areas, outdoor courtyards, and cutting-edge clinical facilities, all tailored to cater to the requirements of patients and their families.

Adjacent to the rehabilitation hospital, its aim is to seamlessly integrate comprehensive care within its surroundings.

Name  Mercy Health and Lifepoint Behavioral Health
Type    New Construction
Year    2025