Moed Centre Health Invests US$145 million to Expand its Campus in USA

Moed Centre Health is investing US$145 million for three new capital projects, aimed at addressing the burgeoning healthcare demands within Warren, USA. 

This project encompasses a combined area of more than 210,000 square feet for building three projects.

The first project is a 5- storey patient care tower dedicated space for Women & Children’s services, especially with such a significant OB programme, can greatly enhance the quality of care and accessibility for patients.

Two floors will be dedicated to expanded facilities, including ante-partum, labour and delivery, C-section suites, post-partum, the OB emergency department, and the region's inaugural level III neonatal intensive care unit. Remaining floors are designed to accommodate future growth in the emergency department, surgery, endoscopy, and additional medical/surgical beds.

The second project involves the development of combined emergency department and urgent care facility. This aims to provide residents and neighbouring areas with a new, comprehensive care model, enabling patients to access both emergent and urgent treatments seamlessly within a single location.

The third project entails erecting a medical office building along with an outpatient diagnostic imaging centre, strategically situated in Glasgow. This development will encompass speciality clinics alongside comprehensive outpatient diagnostic testing facilities.

All three projects are slated to commence in the spring of 2024.

Name    Med Center Health
Type      New Construction
Year      US$145 million