Monument Health to Begin Spearfish Hospital Expansion

Monument Health has commenced the construction enabling phase of the Spearfish Hospital expansion project.

The project entails the addition of over 94,000 square feet of new construction to enlarge the current hospital, alongside the remodelling of 14,000 square feet of the existing space.

The early phase of construction places a primary focus on the northern parking lot of Spearfish Hospital. The primary objectives in this phase include rerouting vital utilities, expanding the parking facilities, and initiating the procurement process for long-lead materials. 

These steps are pivotal in facilitating a smooth and efficient construction process, minimising disruptions, and ensuring the hospital's accessibility to patients and visitors.

Monument Health's resolute commitment to delivering high-quality care close to home is evident in this expansion endeavour. As the community's requirements continue to grow, this project underscores the healthcare provider's dedication to meeting these needs effectively.

Name    Monument Health
Type      Expansion