North Oaks Health System Invests US$50 million to Open New Clinic Building in USA

North Oaks Health System plans to open a new clinic building with an investment of US$50 million. 

The clinic will move from the second floor of the North Oaks Diagnostic Centre to the entire fifth floor of North Oaks Clinic Building II, a five-storey structure encompassing an area of 95,809 square feet.

Within North Oaks Clinic Building II, there will be a total of 12 clinics, comprising 115 patient examination rooms, 47 office spaces, and 13 nurses’ stations.

The new building will also accommodate sections dedicated to diabetes education, endocrinology, neurology, neurosurgery, pain management, primary care, pulmonology, rheumatology, and smoking cessation.

Moreover, an interior hallway on the second floor will link the new clinic building to both North Oaks Office Plaza and North Oaks Medical Centre.

Enhanced canopies will also be installed to form a covered walkway connecting North Oaks Office Plaza, North Oaks Clinic Building II, North Oaks Clinic Building I, and North Oaks Diagnostic Centre. This walkway will provide added protection for patients, visitors, and staff as they move between the buildings.

After its completion in spring 2025, this facility will notably expand space for additional providers and services, ensuring sufficient room for future growth and evolving needs.

Name    North Oaks Health System
Type      New Construction
Budget   US$50 million
Year       2025