Saint Alphonsus Constructs New Medical Office Building in Idaho, USA

Saint Alphonsus plans to construct new medical office building in Idaho, USA.

The medical office building is planned for an 18-acre site, dedicating 6 acres to the construction and offering 54,800 square feet of clinic space. Additionally, it will accommodate 320 parking stalls.

The building will house a comprehensive array of medical services, encompassing primary care such as family medicine, pediatrics, and obstetrics/ gynaecology, along with urgent care. 

Additionally, it will provide specialised services, including cardiology, general surgery, ear, nose, and throat treatments, orthopaedics, sports medicine, podiatry, and occupational medicine.

Moreover, the facility will offer lab and imaging services, encompassing X-Ray, mammography, and ultrasound. The medical office building intends to employ approximately 34 physicians and healthcare providers to ensure comprehensive care and services.

The expansive acreage allocated for this new facility ensures ample room for future expansions, enabling the capacity to grow in tandem with the community's increasing needs.

Within the clinic space, a modular, pod design is implemented, facilitating adaptable spaces that can flexibly accommodate the increasing demand for speciality services. This innovative design minimises the necessity for additional construction expenses typically associated with traditional building models when adjusting to evolving needs.

The construction timeline spans over 20 months, aiming for a projected completion in September 2025.

Name    Saint Alphonsus
Type      New Construction
Year      2025