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Texas Children's Hospital Invests US$245 million to Open New Medical Tower in USA


Texas Children's Hospital invests US$245 million to open newest medical tower.  The new tower for women will be located in USA.


This newly constructed tower will serve as a central hub for a variety of outpatient clinics dedicated to women's healthcare services.

The ongoing expansion of The Pavilion for Women entails the addition of a new tower, seamlessly connected to the existing structure.

Within The Pavilion for Women, an array of specialised medical services will be provided, encompassing pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, menopause treatment, maternal foetal medicine care, reproductive psychiatry, reproductive endocrinology and infertility treatments, as well as minimally invasive gynaecology surgery.

The expansion is designed to transform the hospital's offerings into a comprehensive continuum of care tailored specifically for women.

Baylor Obstetrics and Gynaecology is set to move to the new tower by late 2023. The Pavilion for Women's expansion, including increased adult inpatient and neonatal intensive care beds, is projected to finalise in 2024.


Name      Texas Children's Hospital
Type        New Construction
Budget    US$245 million