Texas Health and Human Services Invests US$357 million to Open New Hospital in USA


The Texas Health and Human Services plans to invest US$357 million to open a new replacement hospital at San Antonio State Hospital in USA.

The revamped San Antonio State Hospital will provide vital support to hundreds of individuals by offering both long-term and short-term care, equipping them for successful transitions back into the community.

With a focus on modernising mental health care and overcoming the constraints of its predecessor, the new facility spans three storeys and encompasses an impressive 454,000 square feet. 

It includes a 300-bed unit prioritising non-maximum security. Notable design elements include private rooms, abundant natural light, and outdoor spaces to foster healing and recovery.

Replacing its outdated counterpart, the upgraded hospital will expand its reach to over 50 counties in South Texas, serving as a cornerstone for improved mental health services in the region.

Moreover, the facility goes beyond basic care, offering an array of therapeutic, recreational, and social amenities aimed at preparing patients for life beyond hospital walls.

Name    The Texas Health and Human Services
Type      New Construction
Budget   US$357 million