Abbott Introduced First-of-its-kind Triclip™ for Tricuspid Heart Valve

Abbott has introduced a groundbreaking solution called the TriClip™ transcatheter edge-to-edge repair (TEER) system, specifically tailored for addressing tricuspid regurgitation (TR), a condition where the tricuspid valve in the heart leaks.

TriClip utilises innovative clip-based technology similar to Abbott's renowned MitraClip™ device, which has successfully treated over 200,000 individuals with mitral regurgitation. However, TriClip is uniquely engineered to navigate and repair the intricate anatomy of the tricuspid valve.

Administered through a vein in the leg, TriClip's TEER mechanism involves clipping together portions of the valve's leaflets, thereby restoring proper blood flow direction without the necessity of open-heart surgery. Patients undergoing TriClip typically experience a swift recovery, often requiring only a single day in the hospital before returning home.

TriClip empowers physicians to offer patients a treatment option with outstanding safety and efficacy, aiming to enhance tricuspid valve function without subjecting them to the high risks associated with traditional open-heart surgery, particularly challenging for older and medically compromised individuals affected by TR.

Tricuspid regurgitation occurs when the valve fails to close properly, leading to backward blood flow in the heart, which can strain cardiac function and cause debilitating symptoms such as fatigue and breathlessness. If left untreated, TR can precipitate atrial fibrillation, heart failure, and ultimately, mortality.

For those individuals who continue to experience symptoms or persistent TR despite medical management and are not suitable candidates for surgery, TriClip offers a viable option to improve their quality of life and mitigate the progression of the condition.