AbSolutions Moed Introduces Novel REBUILD™ Bioabsorbable Abdominal Wall Closure Device

AbSolutions Moed has introduced novel REBUILD bioabsorbable abdominal wall closure device to address issues related to abdominal surgeries and wound closure.

REBUILD focuses on addressing the root cause of tissue damage or injury by supporting intrinsic tissue healing. This approach aims to eliminate the need for long-term foreign bodies, such as implants or devices, which can often lead to complications and the need for additional surgeries. By promoting natural tissue healing and repair processes, REBUILD may potentially improve patient outcomes and quality of life by breaking the cycle of repeated repairs, complications, and re-operations.

REBUILD is designed to assist in the soft tissue approximation of the abdominal wall alongside sutures. Its purpose is to distribute tension evenly, helping to sustain the alignment of the rectus muscles during the healing process. This method has shown promise in decreasing the occurrence of post-operative ventral hernias.

REBUILD helps close the abdominal wall by spreading out the tension from sutures across a wide area of tissue. This ensures that the midline fascial structures stay aligned properly during the important healing time after surgery. 

After this critical period, REBUILD is naturally absorbed by the body, reducing the chance of long-term issues related to foreign bodies. It's been tested in both animals and humans, showing promising results.

The food and drug administration (FDA) has granted breakthrough device designation for the REBUILD bioabsorbable ("REBUILD") abdominal wall closure device.